FIXD - The Car Health Monitor

FIXD - The Car Health Monitor - Rwanda
  • FIXD - The Car Health Monitor - Rwanda
Description :

Oh ! The check engine light is on
What is wrong ? What's my car trying to tell me ?
Do I need to do something right now and take it into auto repair ?
Fear that Check Engine light no more. The FIXD OBD II GEN II active Car - health monitor translates your cars check engine light into simple understandable terms. No more confusing technical definitions, just the information you need to know.
This 2 - part system of sensor and App. works with any gas - powered vehicle model year 1996 or newer. The sensor plugs into your car's OBD - II port. The free FIXD App for Apple and Android Smartphones talks to the sensor via bluetooth. Just get in your car with your smartphone and FIXD is ready to go. FIXD also provides reminders for upcoming suggested maintenance as well as displays the scheduled maintenance for your make/model/year/engine as suggested by the manufacturer. Don't let your car engine light scare you
- Know if the problem needs urgent repair or if you can keep driving
- 2 - part system of sensor and free App.
- Sensor plugs into your car's OBD port
- App translates all check engine lights into simple understandable terms.
- Ability to clear the check light.
- Continously monitors car's health & Alerts if problem is detected.

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